Responsible Care

For the future of chemistry

LANXESS embraces its environmental responsibility and emphatically supports the Responsible Care® initiative. Responsible Care is both an ethical initiative and a commitment and aspiration to boost trust in an industry that plays a key role in improving people’s living standards and quality of life.

LANXESS has supported this initiative and been one of the signatories of the “Responsible Care® Global Charter” of the International Council of Chemical Associations ICCA since 2006. With its requirements regarding health, safe use of chemical products, information policy and transparency in the industry, this Charter goes far beyond previous initiatives and makes us committed to achieving greater openness and improved public dialog.

By applying the Responsible Care® Charter, we are making our contribution to solving the world’s major challenges by continually working on improving environmental protection, health & safety and quality. Our internal guidelines on quality and environmental policy ensure that the principles of the charter are central to the way we do business. After all, we at LANXESS are convinced that only sustainable development and responsible actions can ensure a successful future for chemistry.

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