Strategic Focus Areas

As an international specialty chemicals group, we bear a major responsibility toward people and the environment. Our entrepreneurial activities reflect this sense of responsibility, which is also a key component of our strategy.

Safety, environmental protection, social responsibility, quality and commercial efficiency are part of corporate strategy at LANXESS.

LANXESS’ CR activities focus on:


  • Climate protection
  • Water
  • Education
  • Culture and Social upliftment.

All measures are linked to the core business or should benefit it in the long term.

Climate Protection

The issues of environmental and climate protection are at the very top of the global political agenda. Limiting the consequences of the greenhouse effect and preserving essential natural resources for future generations are among the most pressing challenges faced by industry and society today.

Climate protection is a long-term challenge and helps to assure the future of our company. LANXESS acknowledges its ecological responsibility and invests in sustainable solutions. Our wide range of innovative technologies and products enables us to play a significant role in helping to shape a sustainable future.

We aim to promote the values of sustainable development and good environmental management practices of our global activities, the use of environmentally friendly products, and contribute to improving of the quality of life and natural resources of the communities in which we operate. Thereby, we show a consistent commitment to “greener chemistry”.


The demand for clean water is rising dramatically in the face of a growing worldwide population and increasing globalization. Already today, this valuable resource is scarce in many countries around the world and access to clean water is increasingly becoming a problem.

At LANXESS we also employ our technical expertise, know-how and innovative water treatment products in this area. Our products are used to conserve, transport, clean and save water around the world. For LANXESS, corporate responsibility also includes taking responsibility for the “blue gold”.

Our specific expertise helps both industry and people directly. Through local projects, people at LANXESS help to safeguard the supply of clean drinking water to the population and sustainably improve their quality of life. We are also committed to assuming a responsible attitude toward water usage that is supported by our highly modern facilities and optimized processes.

Additionally, we are encouraging young people to adopt a more responsible approach in order to use this valuable resource efficiently.


We endeavor to encourage young people worldwide to develop a passion for chemistry at a young age and in this way make them aware of the diverse career opportunities that the LANXESS Group offers. Within the context of the LANXESS education initiative, we have established projects at many of our sites to pursue these objectives in varying ways.

We see a commitment to education as one of the key aspects of LANXESS’s sustainable corporate policy. As a specialty chemicals company, we need well- educated employees to safeguard growth and added value.

Qualified young professionals are not always easy to find, especially in the scientific field. In addition to investing in training and development initiatives for our own employees, we also support talented young scientists at schools and institutes of higher education and provide funds to improve scientific facilities.

In many Corporate Volunteering projects our employees share their job experience and practical expertise during activities with several educational institutions. At the same time this helps young people to recognize the fascination of natural science and technology at an early age, awaking their inventive talent and thereby inspiring them to pursue one of the many career paths in a specialty chemicals group.

This strengthens society as a whole and, in the long term, boosts LANXESS’s competitiveness.


We are convinced that successful scientific work and, ultimately, social progress can only flourish in a culture of thought, research and critical evaluation. To develop new technologies and achieve leading market positions, it is important to nurture talent and make optimal use of know-how. We also apply this maxim to our commitment to culture as an important part of reputation management. LANXESS strengthens partnership with the local community by supporting local cultural and social projects.

With the key objectives of conveying expertise, breaking new ground and encouraging top performance, we at LANXESS support exceptional intercultural projects throughout the world that bring people together, transfer knowledge and offer talented young people opportunities for further development. We give young artistic talents the chance to promote their skills beyond local or cultural boundaries.

Thereby, a key focus is on supporting young musicians. We are strongly committed to improving people’s quality of life in the respective region and are involved in a number of high-profile cultural projects.


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