LANXESS leads the way in water purification technologies

LANXESS is a major, global provider of liquid purification technologies with almost 80 years of experience in water treatment and purification applications. The LANXESS high performance products are used in numerous industries to treat and purify water to the required specifications, to purify processing streams, and to recover valuable ions from solution.  Products include the Lewatit® ion exchange resins, Lewabrane® reverse osmosis membrane elements, and iron oxide adsorbers with the tradename Bayoxide®.

Wastewater treatment and rehabilitation
Bayoxide® E33 helps to treat drinking water, with an additional application in wastewater treatment particularly in the mining sector, or the treatment of contaminated groundwater in the vicinity of abandoned industrial plants.  These products are based on nanoparticular α-ferric oxide hydroxide, offering a very high surface area, advanced mechanical stability and superior adsorption capacity.  Important applications include the removal of arsenic and phosphate from potable and waste water.

Ion exchange resins

Ion exchange is used intensively in the power industry for the demineralization of water, and condensate polishing for recycling.  It is mainly used in the mining industry for the primary recovery of valuable metals such as platinum group metals (PGMs), gold, uranium, copper, and others, for the purification of PGMs, copper, cobalt and nickel streams for production of premium grade metals, and scavenging or secondary recovery of valuable species from waste streams.  Ion exchange technology also increasingly plays a significant role in purification of water where heavy metals, nitrates, ammonium, or other harmful species have to be removed from the water in order to render the water potable or recyclable, striving towards zero effluent or liquid discharge.

Modern membrane filtration technology
LANXESS’’ Lewabrane line of products are spirally wound, thin-film, composite reverse osmosis membranes. Reverse osmosis is used to filter out undesirable substances from water, such as salts, pesticides, herbicides, viruses, bacteria and particulates. The product line includes elements for all the main reverse osmosis applications, including desalination of seawater, brackish water, and low-salinity industrial water.  Among the most important applications for reverse osmosis membranes is the treatment of process water for power plants and the generation of ultrapure water in the microelectronics sector.  Additionally, applications include the production of drinking water from both brackish water and seawater. This method is used on a large scale in cities and municipalities and on a small scale in restaurants, hotels and on cruise ships. The membranes lower the salt content of the water and are often combined with ion exchange resins to form a highly efficient and very powerful purification and demineralisation system. In South Africa RO plays a major role in the recovery of water from acid mine drainage in the gold and coal mining areas.  The RO permeate or product stream can be of potable water standards, or to supplement water supplies from municipalities.

Innovative products, technologies and processes developed by LANXESS are used worldwide to treat water and to enable companies and communities to handle this resource efficiently.  LANXESS can assist customers to create progressive and efficient solutions for the use of their specific water resources, supporting the preservation of this life-giving, strategic resource.

Forward-Looking Statements
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