LANXESS supports the growing influence of Women in Mining

Mining is an important contributor to the South African economy. The Department of Mineral Resources (DMR) has come up with initiatives that actively support and promote women’s participation in the mining industry. The Women In Mining South Africa (WIMSA) also established a forum, which specialty chemicals company LANXESS is a member, to provide women in mining with the support and guidance for personal growth, leadership and career development by building relationships with the mining companies and the DMR.

Driven by the LANXESS Performance Culture objectives, Specialty chemicals group, LANXESS, was in a better position to explore solutions to concerns and challenges raised by the women working in the mine. The results included the formulation of the WIM Forum and investments made towards the implementation of safety measures and working conditions accommodative to their women in mining.

Ruth Kgantsi, Chairperson of the Mine’s WIM Forum, explained that the purpose of the forum is to enable women working at the Mine to act as positive agents of changes in the mining industry. The forum will also promote and ensure the retention of skilled and experienced women and guide them towards occupying leadership roles.

“The Mine now has invested in a Skills Development Programme, a standard code of practice that accommodates women, protective gear best suited for females, a buddy system that ensures no woman works or travels alone underground and the distress signal system, one of the few mines to do so,” said Ruth.

LANXESS in South Africa

LANXESS. is the only company in South African to handle the entire value chain from the chrome ore to the leather tanning materials. The chrome chain starts with the mining of the raw material, chrome ore, at the mine in Rustenburg. At the Newcastle plant, the most modern chrome chemicals production facility in the world, the ore is processed into sodium dichromate and chromic acid. Sodium dichromate is shipped to LANXESS’ plant in Merebank, near Durban, and used in the production of chrome tanning salts for the global leather tanning industry. LANXESS employs some 900 staff in South Africa. 

Forward-Looking Statements
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